Thickeners – Stabilizers – Suspension

Thickeners - Stabilizers - Suspension

EASYGEL - SYNTHALEN series: Liquid polymers or powders allowing different viscosities. Some quick-drying powder carbomers, EASYGEL SOL, will give you clear formulations with a pleasant feel.
You can also modify the texture by formulating shape memory gels with SYNTHALEN W2000
EXILVA: Cellulose dispersion, multifunctional agent, which allows to thicken, suspend for all types of formulation
VANZAN: Xanthan Gums certified Cosmos
HYDRIOL PGCL.3 : PEG free thickener with refatting properties. High substantivity. Improves foam properties.
VEEGUM - Smectites type Magnesium Aluminium Silicate VANATURAL - Bentonites

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